To my knowledge, most people don’t use Google+. But this article explains how Google+ works and how it can benefit or enhance marketing your business and social media strategy. It also claims to boost your SEO because it makes it easier for marketers to come up in search results. Since we are talking about ways to improve or create a social media presence for Mozaik software I found this article interesting because Google+ never came to my mind when thinking of social media sites for them to become involved in.



The article lists 5 key ways that Google+ can improve your business. A lot of these tips are things that we have talked about and gone over in class.


#1: Include Keywords and Relevant Links on Your About Page. They discuss how important it is to have copy that your market will be interesting while also making it easy to search for. Including information that searchers will want to know about your company is something that the article discusses and something that has been reiterated in class.


#2: Connect With Your Whole Audience Using Google+ Events. Google+ just recently added this feature to the website which is similar to posting and creating events on Facebook.  The cool thing about this feature is that you can not only send the invitation to Google+ users but also people who are not on Google+.


#3: Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results. They suggest using keywords when you are posting so the keywords you use can show up in your followers search results. It’s important to do this especially if you are looking to make business connections.


#4: Set Up Google Authorship for SEO Benefits. Google is trying to get more bloggers to use Google+. This feature allows you to authenticate your Google+ account, similar to the check mark next to celebrity’s names on twitter, to allow people to know that they can trust your content and what you say.

#5: Find Relevant Users and Conversations to Engage With.  This feature allows users to create circles that can separate business from your family or friends. This allows you to engage in topics, post, and conversations separately. Unlike Facebook how you post something and everyone sees it.




What do you all think, after reading this article do you think you will include or consider including Google+ in your social media plan for Mozaik?


One thought on “Google+

  1. I think that you are totally right that Google+ would be a great social media platform for Mozaik to use. As we talked about in class, Google+ is mainly people who are more business oriented than the typical Facebook user and they are generally male. Since males are a main target for Mozaik and it would be promoting business, Google+ definitely seems like a great place to develop a presence. I hadn’t really thought about this either, but I will definitely consider using it now that you mention it.

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